Country: Afghanistan
Location within country: Kabul
Name of Client: MoFA
Start date: Feb 2007
Completion date:  April 2007

E-Governance is the public sector’s use of information and communication technologiesMoFAwith the aim of improving information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process and making government more accountable, transparent and effective.

The Government of Afghanistan through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) was exploring how the internet and other information technologies (IT) will impact on the productivity and performance of the ministry and how e-government fosters new and deeper citizen involvement within the governing process.

These technologies can serve a variety of different ends: better delivery of government services to citizens, improved interactions with business and industry, citizen empowerment through access to information, or more efficient government management. The resulting benefits can be immense; less corruption, increased transparency, greater convenience, revenue growth, and/or cost reductions.

Beyond Solutions team conducted an assessment of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for bellow perspectives:

  • ICT assessment
  • Information Management mechanism/system(Digital/Manual)
  • Human Capacity

As a result of the assessment Beyond Solutions team submitted three different types of reports contain our assessment and recommendations in three areas.