Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: UNFAO
Start date: November 2008
Completion date: January 2009


This is an online system, used for storing the collected data through forms provided by FAO/ERU (Food and Agriculture Organization/Emergency and Rehabilitation Unit). ERU was working in different parts of Afghanistan and had offices in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Kunduz. As offices were located in different parts of the country and there were no proper mechanism for data sharing. Sending the collected data from provincial offices to center was a time consuming process and often the required data was not available on time. ERU field units collect disease information that contained information about Colorado beetle damaging the melons, for controlling pests, different kinds of pesticides were used, the quantity of pesticides and other such details were provided in the forms. The collected data was transferred to Kabul central office either in form of hard copies or first the data was saved on CDs and then those recorded CDs were transported to central office in Kabul. This web based system enabled ERU to do the data entry and use it as a reporting tool.