Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: HLP-MAIL.
Start date: September 2010
Completion date: November 2010


The Horticulture & Livestock Project (HLP)-Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system was established to provide information to MAIL, World Bank and other project stakeholders about project performance and results.

To support its capabilities, the World Bank Supervision Mission suggested that the HLP M&E unit utilize new technology and techniques to help collect reliable and verifiable field data. A Geo-Locational monitoring (GLM) using GPS-enabled camera was one such solution suggested. GLM provided a uniquely rapid and reliable ‘ground-truthing’ solution as the application enabled field verification missions to deliver apart from other information, geo-tagged, time and date tagged photographs of project sites. The collection can be uploaded in no time to a central HLP database. Beyond Solutions team did a pilot project in Mir Bacha Kot-Kabul, using the application, for field data collection about Poultry Production, Vine Yards, New Vine Yards, and etc.

The data collected through the survey using mobile application was also linked with an online GIS application to plot the collected information on different GIS layers and satellite imagery.