Institutional Strengthening

We strengthen structures and processes that enable exchange, redirection, and reception of information, on a global scale, without restraints of space or time. We design solutions for institutions through localization and expanding forms of empowerment, solidarity, alliance building, advocacy, and innovation, collaborating to generate newer forms of power and its mass re-distribution.

Training & Capacity Building

At Beyondsolutions we believe that organization capacity development is an intention, collaborative effort to strengthen organizations Processes, Relationship Knowledge, assets, or behaviors to improve its performance. The starting point of capacity building is holistic and documented analysis of organization’s Vision/Mission, Systems, strategies, finance, implementing capacities, expertise and skills, organizational structure, governance and leadership. We support and strengthen the capacities of corporate organizations and development partners by developing specialized training programs that range from management information systems, gender and disability inclusion, anti-sexual harassment at workplace, MEAL mechanisms, research and proposal development etc. Our training programs are holistically designed to cater to the specialized needs of our clients.
One integral part of organizational development is systems for financing and administration. Financial and grant capacity building aims to map the current situation and systems within the organization with counties general accepted accounting principles. It also aims to identify an organization’s strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of further improvement.

Gender Mainstreaming

We specialize in proposing solutions that ensure gender mainstreaming within the organization’s system, policies, procedures and mechanisms. The need for strengthening organizations with clarity on the agenda of inclusion and equality is paramount to ensure relevance and contribute effective in making this world a just place. We have a rich experience of conducting gender audits, participatory gender analysis at programme and organization level combined with power analysis, gender action plans and accountability mechanisms that ensure that our partners are effectively implementing the processes to achieve the desired outcomes.

Strategy and Planning Support

At Beyondsolutions we enable our clients’ senior management team to seamlessly navigate through the organizational mission, vision, goals and objectives. We help them through the journey from where they are today to where they aspire to be by offering a full range of business strategy development services from situational analysis to planning, designing and implementation of the change portfolio that will deliver your future goals.

When we help senior teams of organizations to develop strategy, we:
- Work with them to understand their business today and its current identity.
- Collect and develop insights from staff, stakeholders, clients and the supply chain.
- Analyze the business context and identify potential opportunities.
- Lead evaluation workshops to select preferred goals.
- Provide portfolio planning services to calibrate investment in change.
- Create strategic roadmaps and other communications products to inspire everyone involved.
- Deliver communications to internal and external stakeholders

Strengthening Policies & Implementation Mechanism

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, safeguarding mechanisms, human resource policy and other organization polices are a requirement of each donor/client. Our pool of experts can develop these policies for your organization through a participatory consultative process so that there is a smooth transition while implementing those policies. Our experts have been working with governments and international organizations to advise on, review of existing policies and develop strategic plans with a clear road-map. We work with internal and external stakeholders from inception to full delivery of projects by having a clear understanding of strategic planning and policy frameworks, enabling us to respond to:
- Clients’ increasingly complex agendas in areas such as regeneration, sustainability, scalability, evidence into use, adoption of next generation technology (Big Data, IoT, and AI), and economic/social development.
- Clients’ need for advice and support in preparing and interpreting strategic plans, policy frameworks and their integration into local, national, regional strategies.
- Also, we have developed theory of change, strategic plans, advocacy and communication strategy, social mobilization approaches, monitoring frameworks for multiple organizations.

Community of Practice

We believe that common knowledge and mutual learning process is the way-forward for sustainable and impactful growth. Through this principal, we focus on organizing interventions to give something back to the society and the rest of the partners and actors.

In particular we:
- Held on-site and on-line seminars focused around various agendas to widespread and echo our findings and learning.
- Promote best-practices by identifying champions and group of people to serve as ambassadors of change and innovation.
- Develop local incubation centers to ignite new ideas with young generation.