Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: IRDP-MoEW
Start date: September  2012
Completion date: November 2014

MoEWIrrigation Restoration & Development Project-IRDP is five years project within Ministry of Energy and Water -MoEW.  Working in six regions of Afghanistan (Regions are defined as per the river basin in the country) for the development of the irrigation systems, construction of dams and setting up of hydro-logical station at all the major rivers.

The main components of IMIS are:

  • Project Management of projects that are running in all four components of IRDP
  • Procurement activities that are undertaken, starting right from bid document preparation to the award of the contract and managing amendments to the contract
  • Payments made to the vendors, and other operational activities i.e. staff salaries, asset inventory etc.
  • Providing a very powerful dynamic survey tool for M&E purposes
  • Reporting module include Fixed and Ad-hoc reporting
  • Online GIS module that enable senior management to perform more complex analysis of the IRDP activities