National Educational Atlas

Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: MoE
Start Date: August 2016
End Date: December 2017

Education Atlas at the Ministry of Education is in three languages (Dari, Pashto & English). The system facilitates the HR department of the ministry to create organizational structure (Tashkeel) & positions within each department, report the vacant posts, organize personal information, their educational achievements, work experience, property owned, training offered by the ministry, and employee identity card management. The application has a very robust ad-hoc reporting tool to cater changing information needs of the senior management.


Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: MoPH
Start Date:  September 2011
End Date: June 2012

HR MIS at the Ministry of Public Health is in three languages (Dari, Pashto & English). The system facilitates the HR department of the ministry to create organizational structure (Tashkeel) & positions within each department, report the vacant posts, Organize Personal information, their Educational achievements, Work experience, property owned, Training offered by the ministry, and Employee Identity Card Management. The application has a very robust ad-hoc reporting tool to cater changing information needs of the senior management.


Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: AIMS
Start Date: February 2010
End Date: September 2010

The main goal of developing a HR MIS for Afghanistan Information Management Services was to facilitate the HR Department’s members by providing them an integrated system, which could automatically manage their daily works. The deployed system enables the targeted departments to easily and accurately manage their work within a shorter time frame and less labor work.

Usually HR systems have many components in order to achieve integration. HR MIS at AIMS performs different functions such as:
- Management of staff members’ general information. - Contracts.
- Leave entitlements & balance.
- Promotion history.
- Payroll creation.

However, in long run this system will be upgraded with a new version, which will automate the entire HR processes, from VA to final recruitment, from payroll creation to bank transfer notice.



Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: UNFAO
Start Date: November 2008
End Date: January 2009

This is an online system, used for storing the collected data through forms provided by FAO/ERU (Food and Agriculture Organization/Emergency and Rehabilitation Unit). ERU was working in different parts of Afghanistan and had offices in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Kunduz. As offices were located in different parts of the country and there were no proper mechanism for data sharing. Sending the collected data from provincial offices to center was a time consuming process and often the required data was not available on time. ERU field units collect disease information that contained information about Colorado beetle damaging the melons, for controlling pests, different kinds of pesticides were used, the quantity of pesticides and other such details were provided in the forms. The collected data was transferred to Kabul central office either in form of hard copies or first the data was saved on CDs and then those recorded CDs were transported to central office in Kabul. This web based system enabled ERU to do the data entry and use it as a reporting tool.


Certificate Computerization

Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: MoE/UNESCO
Start Date: March 2008
End Date: August 2008

This system automates the archival, retrieval and tracking of grade 10, 11, and 12 student transcripts and develops a computerized solution enabling the automated generation of secondary certificate. This is a web based system and can be rolled out to provincial offices, and once the capacity and infrastructure is built at school level the system can be used directly for entry and report generation from the schools. The data stored in the system is highly confidential; therefore advance security measures are implemented to ensure security, confidentiality and protection of information.

System Characteristics:
- Stores all the existing transcripts data in computerized system.
- Automates the process of certificate and transcript issuance using standard computerized system.
- Interfaces are in English, Pashto, and Dari languages.
- Establishes a professional archiving and referencing system for keeping the records of secondary level transcripts and enabling the quick retrieval of data as needed.
- Easy retrieval of applications and providing the required information.


Text Book Distribution

Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: MoE
Start Date: March 2008
End Date: June 2008

Text Book Distribution System deals with managing the stock information of textbooks distributed throughout Afghanistan by Ministry of Education and also tracks the need for further printing of required textbooks. The system can be used on national, provincial, district and school level for tracking the distribution process and stock availability. The system implemented an efficient, transparent and effective management of the stock for textbook distribution Unit.


Provincial Daily Reporting

Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: IDLG/ASGP
Start Date: February 2008
End Date: March 2008

This system automates and standardizes the retrieval and tracking of 34 provincial governor offices daily reporting mechanism for Independent Directorate of Local Governance. The database developed for this purpose automates and simplify the process of analytical report generation process for different incidents on provincial and district level.

System Characteristics:
- Records the daily provincial reports in a relational system.
- Tracks the provincial governor office daily reports.
- Generates different reports, charts and graphs on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly bases.
- Uses the data to produce analytical maps.


Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: USAID
Start Date: January 2008
End Date: May 2008

Since GeoBase was used as project activity tracking database or management information system (MIS) that was used to capture and maintain information on all reconstruction and development activities being conducted by USAID. The spatial enabled version of GeoBase was developed to use GIS capabilities and represent projects data on maps. The online GIS application was developed using Arc GIS Server 9.1, Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2000 and Spatial Data Engine (SDE)


Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: MRRD/MoEC
Start Date: September 2007
End Date: December 2007

In view of Afghanistan’s need for effective coordination of reconstruction and development efforts at the national and provincial levels, the cabinet in November 2005 approved the establishment of the Provincial Development Committees (PDCs). The principal goal of these committees is to strengthen development planning, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and decision-making at the provincial level. The Ministry of Economy (MoEc) had the lead role in establishing and facilitating PDCs. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) provided technical and financial support to MoEc for the pilot project. Understanding the potential of latest technology, the Government of Afghanistan and the stakeholders insisted the development of Provincial Profile and Asset Management system (PP&AMS). The PP&AMS is an application that provides the decision makers and stakeholder with the up to date information about the Provincial Assets and Profile. The project consisted of two parts i.e. feasibility study and building of functional prototype. Based on the recommendation of the feasibility study, the development team successfully completed the application as per the requirements of the client.


Attendance & Help Desk Application

Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: AIMS
Start Date: 2007
End Date: 2007

The Attendance and Help Desk was developed in order to automate AIMS staff daily attendance and ICT help desk. The system provides username and password for each employee and if anyone had any request from ICT to be performed they would raise requests and then ICT would accordingly reply against their raised tickets.