Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: MRRD, MoEC
Start date: September 2007
Completion date: December 2007

PPAMSIn view of Afghanistan’s need for effective coordination of reconstruction and development efforts at the national and provincial levels, the cabinet in November 2005 approved the establishment of the Provincial Development Committees (PDCs). The principal goal of these committees is to strengthen development planning, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and decision-making at the provincial level.  The Ministry of Economy (MoEc) had the lead role in establishing and facilitating PDCs. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) provided technical and financial support to MoEc for the pilot project. Understanding the potential of latest technology, the Government of Afghanistan and the stakeholders insisted the development of Provincial Profile and Asset Management system (PP&AMS). The PP&AMS is an application that provides the decision makers and stakeholder with the up to date information about the Provincial Assets and Profile. The project consisted of two parts i.e. feasibility study and building of functional prototype. Based on the recommendation of the feasibility study, the development team successfully completed the application as per the requirements of the client.