Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: RSI Consulting
Start date: April 2015
Completion date: September 2015

Promote is a five-year program targeting the education, promotion, and training of a new generation of Afghan women, aged 18-30. It is the largest women’s empowerment program in the USAID’s history, aimed at advancing opportunities for Afghan women who can become political, private sector, and civil society leaders. Building upon existing and previous programs for women and girls.

Beyond Solutions team provided the following services

  • Deployed separate questionnaire for males and females in our Dynamic Survey tool in three languages i.e. English, Dari, and Pashto
  • Provided secure hosting servers
  • Trained 80 field staff on the usage of the mobile application and smart phone usage
  • System maintenance during the field work
  • Provided status reports on daily basis
  • Provided the collected data in the MS Excell to the client for further analysis

It must be noted that each questionnaire included 30 pages.