Country: Afghanistan
Name of Client: RSI Consulting
Start date: October 2015
Completion date: March 2016

The project is funded by USAID. The project will link individual municipalities together for information and knowledge sharing and improve linkages with their provincial and national counterparts. Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope And Resilience Program (SHAHAR) will strengthen Municipal Advisory Boards, precursors to elected Municipal Councils, to register and respond to citizen needs and priorities.

The baseline survey was conducted at national level in all 34 provinces and 8000 interviews were conducted.

Beyond Solutions team provided the following services

  • Deployed questionnaire in our Dynamic Survey tool in three languages i.e. English, Dari, and Pashto
  • Provided secure hosting servers
  • Trained 80 field staff on the usage of the mobile application and smart phone usage
  • System maintenance during the field work
  • Provided status reports on daily basis

Provided the collected data in the MS Excell to the client for further analysis