We strive to act as a good corporate citizen, who takes into account the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts of our business activities. We acknowledge and live up to our responsibility to support sustainable development of our business in a manner that is congruent with and not detrimental to the overall interests of society at large. We are deeply committed to meeting not just regulatory requirements as far as CSR is concerned, but going beyond that to fulfil our moral obligations too.

In order to ensure effective management of our company’s corporate responsibility, we are committed to:

  • Integrating our corporate responsibility principles in our core business operations
  • Seeking an open and transparent dialogue with internal and external stakeholders
  • Defining strategies and actions, which are based on clear measurement and monitoring systems
  • Continuously seeking ways to improve our sustainability performance

The key tenets of our CSR policy are as follows:

  • Respecting Human Rights
  • Preserving the environment (climate change and natural resources)
  • Working towards general social development
  • Driving employee engagement
  • Ensuring strong governance
  • Maintaining internationally accepted standards and guidelines