The promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women is central to Beyond Solutions (Private Limited) mandate and intrinsic to its development approach. This effort includes empowering women and girls’ equal rights, combating discriminatory practices and challenging the roles and stereotypes that affect inequalities and exclusion.
Beyond Solutions (Private Limited) Managers, on the ground in all projects and programs share and learn from each other, and draw on best practices from both the public and private sectors, so that we can provide effective management and operational support to achieve development results.

Beyond Solutions (Private Limited) adopted Social and Environmental Standards in guidance from UNDP initiatives which apply to all our internal programs and projects and include an overarching principle in our team work to apply a human rights-based approach to our development programming to build the capacity of rights-holders (i.e. persons with disabilities and their representative partner organizations) to claim their rights. To further the realization of human rights, UNDP is committed to adhere to the human rights principles in our work: accountability, participation and inclusion; and, equality and non-discrimination, including, inter alia, on the grounds of disability. Our human development approach is about expanding capabilities for people to live the lives they value and providing them the freedom to seize opportunities and make choices or, put differently, it is about creating the environment for people to live lives they value. The realization of the rights of persons with disabilities, who can be among the most marginalized groups in society. We have exclusive criteria for accommodating and recruiting specially disabled person according to our defined policies.